Divorce is Much Easier to Go Through With a Lawyer

As in any state, Utah has certain requirements for a marriage to be ruled legally over. While there is no requirement for hiring an attorney to file for divorce, many people make a wise decision to make sure they have the legal representation they need. Utah family law attorneys help people pursue their divorce so they can have peace of mind as they go through the difficult process that often causes a wide range of emotions to occur.

Before a person makes a final decision on divorce, it behooves them to meet with an attorney to make sure they meet the requirements. The requirements for divorce in Utah include:

At least one spouse must be a true resident of the state.
The petitioner must file for divorce in the county they reside in.
The petitioner must include an accepted grounds for their divorce.
The correct documents must be filed before the divorce process can begin.
A hearing for a divorce will not be scheduled until 90 days have passed after the initial file.

When a person meets with the attorneys at Long Okura, it is important they bring in information that will help the attorney begin to file the paperwork and work towards a favorable outcome in the divorce. The attorney will ask questions of the petitioner that can sometimes be difficult to answer. Although this first appointment can bring on a lot of emotions, it is important it is taken care of as soon as possible so the paperwork can be filed and the ninety-day waiting period can begin.

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It is important a person works with an attorney, especially if they have had a long marriage or have minor children. If the couple cannot come to an agreement on property disbursement, custody, support, and debt settlement, the court will get involved and make the final decision. The attorney will help a client set up mediation meetings so the couple can come together and try to create an amicable separation agreement.

Working with an attorney can allow a person to avoid making wrong decisions based on their emotions. They can help a person to better understand the legal ramifications of each decision they make. so the process goes as smoothly as possible.

If your marriage is likely coming to an end, it is important you meet with an attorney to learn about your options. Visit longokura.com so you can get the answers you need. Call today to schedule your appointment with Long Okura – Attorneys at Law.